Does a Humidifier Help with Seasonal Allergies?

Can a humidifier help with allergies

A humidifier is an electrically powered device that increases humidity or moisture in the air. It works by pouring water into a container that is present inside the humidifier. Once you have filled the container with water, you can turn on the humidifier. This allows the heater to break the water and produce steam, which is then released into the air.

Humidifiers are used in buildings to ensure that breathing is easy and feasible. The product is found to be especially useful in hospitals as it provides comfort to the patients with breathing problems.

The link between humidifier and allergies

Humidifiers are said to play a significant role in the development and treatment of allergies. Breathing highly humidified air can lead to relief from discomfort and other associated symptoms of allergies. The reduction in the inflammation of the irritated nasal tissues can provide relief from nasal allergies and ensure that you attain immediate comfort.

Due to the increase in the moisture of the air, the nasal tissues are able to expel the potential irritants and allergies from your nasal cavities, thereby ensuring that the symptoms of allergy are reduced.

It needs to be remembered that house dust mites, which are a common cause of allergies, thrive if humidity levels exceed a certain level. Humidity also proves to be beneficial for mold. Thus, it is rather important that you get the settings of your humidifier right so that you attain the benefits it has to offer while evading the potential side effects. You need to strive to attain the right balance between air that is damp and air that is dry.

A little background information

House dust mites are invisible to the naked eye, and they recycle the dead skin cells. They reside on humans and the enzymes in their waste are airborne. When the enzymes are inhaled, allergies are stimulated.

House dust mites thrive in higher temperatures. They also find humid conditions highly favorable for survival. You cannot eliminate these creatures from your house as it would prove to be a futile attempt. However, by controlling the humidity level, you can ensure that you do not provide them the conditions in which they thrive.

Finding the right setting

Thus, it is important to ensure that you make the right settings for your humidifier. There is no fixed rule to this. This is something that you would have to do based on your own understanding. Make sure that the air does not feel too damp and neither does it appear to be too dry.

Try to attain moderate humidity which would keep your allergies at bay and at the same time would ensure that you do not provide ideal living conditions that can harm you in any way. Adjust the humidifier in the right manner and you would be able to rake in the benefit that it has to offer.

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